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                     Jamie Lee

Lead singer, founder, and leader of the band.

Before forming Threshold, Jamie sang a wide

variety of music including Gospel, Top 40, Rock, and Country. Jamie also scored six singles on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart as a solo artist.












Guitar / Vocals - Chip is the most tenured member of Threshold at 15 years. He started playing with part-time party bands at the age of 9. He eventually went on the road full-time at the age of 21 and played with regional favorites Brice Street and Stratus. Chip has opened for national artists Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, Boston, The Eagles, and many others.



Keyboards / Vocals - A long time member of Threshold. Andy resides in Rock Hill, SC, and has been active in the local music scene for many years.

He has owned and operated a successful recording studio and has played with many popular acts in the area.


Robbie is the newest member of Threshold and brings vast musical knowledge to the band.

Needless to say we are happy to have him on board. Robbie has a great resume with years of experience in such bands as Sugarcreek, Coastline, The Fantastic Shakers, Big Sam, and many others. In addition to his duties on bass guitar, Robbie brings a new vocal to the lineup adding even more range and depth to the band's considerable vocal skills.


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